Moon Amore for N21 and Lost and Found Events

Ready for Halloween? Well Moon Amore is! They are releasing these amazing outfits that are very Halloween-ish!

♦Moon Amore at N21♦

:Moon Amore: Morticia -Spider Web Dress

:Moon Amore: Morticia- Spider Web Dress

Info and details:

6 color packs ( Purple -magnificient- Red -blood- Green -Radioactive- Black -Widow- White -Ghost- and Pumpkin -orange)

2 skirt textures in each pack. solid and stripes.

6 top colors.

Fatpack comes with all!

N21 Taxi here!

(The event runs from October 21-November 11, 2015)

♦Moon Amore at Lost and Found♦

:Moon Amore: La viuda - Spider Web Veil

:Moon Amore: La Viuda -Spider Web Veil

Info and details:

2 packs (Black and White)

each pack comes with 6 roses colors.

Lost and Found Taxi here!



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