Winter at MYNX!!!

Don’t let your avatar freeze this season so get these chic jackets and boots from MYNX that will perfectly give comfort to your AV!!!

♦MYNX Booties♦

{MYNX} Bootie - Tribal Pink

{MYNX} Bootie - Tribal Peach

{MYNX} Bootie - Aztec Brown

{MYNX} Bootie - Aztec Beige

{MYNX} Bootie - Deers

{MYNX} Bootie - Heart Stripes

♦MYNX Padded Tie Jacket♦

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Teal Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Plum Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Pink Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Olive Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Navy Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Sienna Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Biege Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Black Ad

Get them all HERE!!!!


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