NouveauXmas 2015!

NouveauXmas 2015 \o/

It’s that time of the year again!

No idea what to buy for Christmas? Have loads of people to buy for? Limited budget? Need giftboxes and giftwraps? We’ve got you covered!

From 20th December til 3rd Jan, Nouveaux region is hosting a NouveauXmas.

Fuss-free and straightforward event, we have awesome creators offering their stores giftcards and/or giftboxes at a deeply discounted price.

Some were even generous enough to put freebies in their stalls. 😀

Come see us in one spot in Nouveaux!


The Merry List

􀀑Altair: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀇antielle. & CURELESS: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀌Bokeh: Mainstore || Flickr

Brixley: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀐 CerberusXing: Mainstore|| Flickr

Consignment: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀏 Cosette: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀍Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: Mainstore|| Flickr

􀀓Fetch: SLurl || Flickr

􀀊floorplan: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀎Hopscotch: Mainstore || Blog

􀀉Kei Spot: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀕Kitty’s Claw: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀖KoKoLoRes: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀗Kuro: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀘Little Llama: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀙Luxuria: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀄MELONopolis: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀃Moon Amore: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀈NeverWish: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀂OXIDE: Mainstore || Flickr

paper arrow: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀛Pixicat: Mainstore || Flickr 

􀀅~*Souzou Eien*~: Mainstore || Flickr

􀀋The Horror!: Mainstore || Flickr

Uncertain Smile: Mainstore || Flickr


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