Soul Mates @ The Seasons Story + Mainstore release

[Soul Mates] & .:{Star Bitz}:. Winter Gacha

[Soul Mates] & .:{Star Bitz}:. Winter Gacha - Rares

Soul Mates is participating at The Seasons Story for this round. Collaborating with Star Bitz, they came up with the cute Winter Gacha set.

  • Commons are the earmuffs
  • RARES are the dresses – it’s available in one size only so remember to demo!

++ TP to The Seasons Story++

[Soul Mates] Kingyo Suiso Ad

Also by Soul Mates is the Kingyo Suiso decor. At only 3Li, it comes with the following features:

  • Bubbles and moving water
  • Goldfish, bubble prim and water can be unliked and removed (The plant, rock and pebbles are fixed permanently to the tank.)

++TP to Soul Mates++


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