The Horror! – OMGacha + ROMP

OMGacha is back and OMG you need more septums, mmkay!

The Horror!~ Secret Septums @ OMGACHA

Best of all, there are no rares!

++TP to OMGacha++

And the next item is NSFW (Not Safe For Work, in case you don’t know), so make sure your boss aren’t around when you do click the link. 😛 It’s a naughty decor item for ROMP event.

The Horror!~ Candy Collection II // Keht Collars @ ROMP

Oh my, oh my, ooooh myyyy!

The Candy Collection II is an unscripted decor item and is 4Li when linked.

While you’re at ROMP, don’t forget to pick up a Keht Collar for yourself. 😉

++TP to ROMP++

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