Kitty’s Claws at St. Tropez Event, Manga Fair and new MP release

♦Kitty’s Claws @ Manga Fair♦
Get these adorable items from Kitty’s Claws for this round of Manga Fair!

Kitty's Claws: Baby Helm

Kitty's Claws: Heart in Throat Choker

Limo Here: Manga Fair

♦Kitty’s Claws @ St. Tropez Market♦
Kitty’s Claws is also on St. Tropez Market! Grab them while you can! (They have an exclusive gift which you sure dont want to miss out!)

Kitty's Claws GIFT: Charming Beach Bracelet - WON'T BE SOLD AFTER EVENT

Kitty's Claws: Stars Below the Sea Set

Kitty's Claws: Shell Out Set

Taxi awaits here St. Tropez Market

♦Kitty’s Claws MP Release♦
And don’t forget to check out the new Marketplace release from Kitty’s Claws!

Kitty's Claws: Beauty Marks for CATWA/OMEGA/System Layers

Kitty's Claws: Fantastic Facial Masks

Kitty’s Claws Marketplace Store

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