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I am a juanderer in the virtual world of Secondlife ♥ An amateur wanderer that takes snaps whenever she can! ♥

Atomic Faery for The Challenge and Roulette3

♦Atomic Faery for The Challenge♦
Get these pretty 12 Dancers Fruit Bowl from Atomic Faery at the current The Challenge! Don’t fight it, instead buy it!


Get it here!!!

♦Atomic Faery @ Roulette 3♦
Take a chance and win this lovely Neon Leather Collar from Atomic Faery at this round of Roulette 3!

Get it here here!!!

Atomic Faery, *NeverWish*, {MYNX}, OXIDE and The Horror! for Hocus Pocus!

It’s that time of the year again, when we’d gladly shout “Hocus Pocus!” So never miss these awesomeness from our Nouveaux creators as they join Hocus Pocus this year!

♦Atomic Faery♦

Potion 8.75
Chant here


*NW* Ouija Purse
Say the Spell here

Make the magic work here


OXIDE Narcissa Collar - Hocus Pocus 2016
Say the Magic Words in this place

♦The Horror!♦

Shout and Chant here

More information here!

May the magic lives in you!