OXIDE and Dichotomy @ #unitedandkind Event

#unitedandkind is a nonprofit fundraiser organized by Octagons Yazimoto and Skye Everidge. All proceeds accrued from the fundraiser will be equally split amongst the following four organizations:

  • Color of Change
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Naseeha
  • The Trevor Project.

 These items are 100% donation to the cause:
OXIDE Hana Kinchaku V2 - Yule Version

Dichotomy // Dirtbag Hair @ Hair Fair 2016


++TP to #unitedandkind++

OXIDE, Atomic Faery and Dichotomy @ Jackpot Gacha

Be sure to head down and try your luck in this round of Jackpot Gacha!!!


Don’t miss out OXIDE’s Naury Chains at this round of Jackpot Gacha! Get these lovely original mesh delicate headbands and headchains that will surely look perfect on your RP or casual attire!

OXIDE Naury Chains Gacha

P.S: Oxide has a surprise!!!
If you’re an OXIDE VIP member prior to Sept 15th, please check your inventory this weekend! As a thank you for being with them. Those who join AFTER 15th unfortunately will miss out.


♦Atomic Faery♦
Grab these colorful LoveMyButtPlug2 from Atomic Faery in the same event!! And don’t forget to get the gift!
◘Gacha Key◘




Look prettier with this Pools Hair from Dichotomy at this round of the same event!

Dichotomy // Pools Hair @ Jackpot Gacha

May the odds be in your favor as you play!

Your limo has arrived here!!!

Pixicat @ Dichotomy @ The Epiphany – Ending soon!

The Epiphany Gacha event will end soon, don’t forget to grab these from there!

++TP to Epiphany++

Gacha duplicates can be turned in for Epiphany Points. Epiphany Points are used to redeem for exclusives.


Dichotomy // Nerfed & Chilled Hairs @ Epiphany

Dichotomy Nerfed & Chilled Promo


Dichotomy Nerfed & Chilled Gacha Key


Dichotomy Cheered – Epiphany Exclusive



Pixicat Thorn Promo



Pixicat Thorn Gacha Key


Pixicat Epiphany Exclusive


*** OXIDE ***

OXIDE Aisha Anklet Gacha

✿ Anklet Details
– Unrigged
– 16 commons, 1 rare.
– All with texture change beads and pendants/gems.
– Commons: metals to win separately
– RARE: all metals included


Dichotomy // Greedy Hair @ Jackpot Gacha


✿ Hair Details:
– Original Rigged Mesh
– Transfer only
– 10 commons and 4 rares

*** NEVER WISH ***
*NW* Lounger Gacha

✿ Lounger Details
– Sits 2 people; couple poses are mostly PG
– 2 land impact
– Peitho Loungers come with a hud to change the metal texture
– Big Lounger (RARE) comes with a hud to change the base, cushion and all 3 pillows to 8 different colors

✿ About Jackpot Gacha Fair
All gacha machines at the Fair is 30L per play. Each pull of the machines can give you one, two or even three items per play!

✿ The biggest winner is The Jackpot!
On the 26th, all gacha machines at the fair will shut down to the public except for The Jackpot Winner

The lucky winner will have 24 hours to use up 100 free pulls on any machine.

✿ When:
June 18 – 25

🚖 Taxi 🚖