MYNX is joining The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2015!!!

Get these lovely items from MYNX for FREE when you participate in Depraved Nation’s “The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2015”!!! For more information about the hunt CLICK HERE!

HERE is your starting point!

And here is your DIRECT TAXI to MYNX Mainstore!

Goodluck hunting!!!


OXI at TnR Hunt and Fallen Gods

Get these amazing pieces of jewelries from OXI as they participate in TnR Hunt and Fallen Gods!

♦Oxi at TnR Hunt♦

Geometric Leaf Necklace for TnR Hunt

OXI Geometric Leaf Necklace

– Hunt starts October 16 and ends Nov 6th @ Tengoku no Rakuen sim.

Where, when, how here


– Copy and mod – but comes with a handy dandy resizer on the HUD if you need to resize it quickly.

– Unisex – there’s a prefitted male version in the pack.

– HUD to change textures.

TnR Taxi here!

♦Oxi at Fallen Gods♦

Eternity Set - Fallen Gods 8th Anniversary

OXI Eternity Set at Fallen Gods 8th Anniversary

Fallen Gods Taxi!

There is also a hunt going on at Fallen Gods! Get this lovely Lumina earrings as a gift prize from OXI!

Lumina Earrings - Fallen Gods Infinity Hunt

More hunt info here!

Nouveaux Mini Hunt: May Edition!

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TP over and find the flower in each participating store!

Pixicat Hint: “Ha, gotcha! Eye see you!”

Moon Amore Hint:  “I’m addicted to helium, because it makes me soar high, high high!”

The Horror! Hint: “Summon the Dark Lord!”

Shy Girls Hint: “Oh I love gachas!”

Olegun Hint: “A lovely flower adorns her hair in Sidoluhur”.

Pipit Hint: “The bird will sing you the secret song ;)”

Happy hunting!