Moon Amore


:Moon Amore: Wild & Free (Top, Skirt , Necklace)

✿ Top Details:
– 6 color packs:Burgundy, Teal, Black, Rose, Lilac and Chocolate
– Each pack comes with hud (3 textures each)
– Fatpack available

✿ Skirt Details:
– 6 color packs:Burgundy, Teal, Black, Rose, Lilac and Chocolate
– Each pack comes with hud (3 textures each) Also comes with a hud to mix and match belt pieces!
– Fatpack available

✿ Necklace Details:
– Mix and match Feathers, strings and metals

✿ When:
May 8

🚖 Taxi 🚖

Moon Amore @ N21

:Moon Amore: Ocean Nail Art

Where: N21

When: April 21st

Ocean Nail art are preffited for Slink Hands: Gesture , casual and Elegant (Size 10/20). but can be moved, edited and resized for fitted any brand hand! 😀

6 color packs and the Fatpack is EXCLUSIVE for n21 event and come with a LOT of options and the Black exclusive color!!

The Fatpack will be retired after the event ends.

Pixicat & Moon Amore @ C88

Linn.Set - Collabor88

Where: Collabor88 April

When: April 8th – May 6th

Rigged for: 

  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Standard sizes (xs,s,m)

:Moon Amore: Soleil Dress

Where: Collabor88 April

When: April 8th – May 6th


Each pack include 5 sizes, A hud to change:2 top textures, 2 skirt textures and 8 ribbon textures.

Include On/Off Lace, Ribbon laces and flying petals OPTION!!!♥

7 colors packs, all includes white version to mix

  • Green
  • Nude
  • Salmon
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Mint

In addition the pack includes 3 wearable sunflowers (bouquet, single and head accessory)

FATPACK Include all options!

Pixicat & Moon Amore @ The Arcade Gacha – March 2016

Karma - The Arcade

Moon Amore + CURELESS / Antoinette's Closet

Where & When: The Arcade Gacha, 1st March

If the above LM is full, try the 2 other off-sim shopping region:

Arcade Gacha Galley || Arcade 2

It’s that time of the year again!

The Arcade Gacha opens on 1st March, 2016.

For a preview of March 2016’s round offerings, check out the catalog!

Moon Amore @ C88 & Whimsical

Moon Amore + CURELESS [+] Romanova Outfit

Where and When: Collabor88, Feb 8th – March 6th

A collaboration with CURELESS Store, the Romanova outfit is a dress consist of:

  • 6 colors packs: 2 dresses textures, 4 fur textures, 2 zupper metal texture. With and without fur. )
  • Wear with and without fur.

Romanova Belt:

  • 2 leather colors, 7 star colors, optional rope and knife, 2 metal colors.


  • 6 colors packs (Each pack includes 5 texture options), 4 fur colors, 7 star colors, optional pompoms.


CURELESS [+] Moon Amore : Sour Candy Gacha set

Sour Candy Gacha Set

Where & When: Whimsical Event, Feb 18th

Another collaboration with CURELESS, this time it’s a gacha set!

Available in S, M and L, the vest is wide, so you can wear it on your favorite shirts and dresses!

Compatibility with mesh bodies is experimental, always DEMO before playing!

  • 16 commons, 3 RARES
    • Chokers commons, 4 pairs available.
    • RARE Boys Tears milk comes with texture change HUD! 4 box colors, 4 straw colors!■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Patched Vest comes with texture change HUD! You can mix&match vest and pockets with 15 different textures, customize buttons, spikes and Love stinks back patch! ■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Spiked Vest comes with a HUD that allows you to change the vest in a variety of 4 holographic and white textures, spikes can be changed to gold, acrylic or silver! ■HUD PREVIEW■

Catch Moon Amore+Cureless and Pixicat in December 2015’s The Arcade!

Excited for December 2015’s The Arcade? See these stuffs from Moon Amore+Cureless and Pixicat and get your excitement to the top!

♦Moon Amore♦
MoonAmore&CURELESS ♥ Charming Xmas @The Arcade!


MoonAmore+CURELESS ♥ Charming Xmas

15 COMMONS – 2 RARES to collect!

SHOES Are compatible with Slink High Feet (rigged)

RARE Dress comes with texture change HUD! You can mix&match top and skirt with 7 different colors, customize each row of lights and the pearls in the back strap of the dress with 5 colors to choose from. ■HUD PREVIEW■

RARE Tiara comes with a HUD that allows you to change the bow in a variety of 7 tones, angels, stars and base can be changed to gold or silver! ■HUD PREVIEW■

■ Please try a DEMO before playing! Available sizes are XXS-L, they can be fitted to Maitreya, but it’s experimental, so please test it before playing.


 Ballerina - The Arcade



■12 commons, 2 rares

■Animated Ballerinas – Modifiable (Touch ballerina to turn on/off animation)

■Dress: Maitreya + Slink Physique Fitted, xs,s,m; Skirt and body can be worn separately

Here’s a video preview of the Animated Ballerinas:
Ballerina - The Arcade

The Arcade will open its doors on December 1! See you there soon! 

PS. Your limo awaits HERE!!!

Be ready to chant “Hocus Pocus” as Cosette, Evermore, Moon Amore, MYNX, NeverWish and The Horror! join Hocus Pocus!

Try your luck with each vendor by chanting “Hocus Pocus” near them and get the free item that the ghost vendor holds! This runs for 10 days only and gives your luck one chance per day, but if the odds are not in your favor, you can buy the item for 50L$!


♦NeverWish for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Cosette for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Evermore for Hocus Pocus♦

♦The Horror! for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Moon Amore for Hocus Pocus♦


To get the HUD TP HERE or BUY HERE for free! See the PRIZES HERE! and for more info visit

Moon Amore for N21 and Lost and Found Events

Ready for Halloween? Well Moon Amore is! They are releasing these amazing outfits that are very Halloween-ish!

♦Moon Amore at N21♦

:Moon Amore: Morticia -Spider Web Dress

:Moon Amore: Morticia- Spider Web Dress

Info and details:

6 color packs ( Purple -magnificient- Red -blood- Green -Radioactive- Black -Widow- White -Ghost- and Pumpkin -orange)

2 skirt textures in each pack. solid and stripes.

6 top colors.

Fatpack comes with all!

N21 Taxi here!

(The event runs from October 21-November 11, 2015)

♦Moon Amore at Lost and Found♦

:Moon Amore: La viuda - Spider Web Veil

:Moon Amore: La Viuda -Spider Web Veil

Info and details:

2 packs (Black and White)

each pack comes with 6 roses colors.

Lost and Found Taxi here!