Soul Mates

The Gathering is Back!!!!

The Gathering, a fantastical gacha, is baaack. And we have our faves at it! :)))

*** Moon Amore ***
:Moon Amore: Ceres Gacha Key

*** The Horror ***
The Horror~ Cyberparts @ The Gathering

*** Soul Mates ***
[Soul Mates] Tang Hua Gacha - Commons

[Soul Mates] Tang Hua Gacha - Rares

*** Oxi ***
Zodiac Staff @ The Gathering

*** NeverWish ***
*NW* Cyber Cincher Gacha

Running October 1 to 14.

Taxi!!! :)))


Nouveaux News Roundup, Dec 17th


NouveauXmas: Dec 13th, 2104 - Jan 5th, 2015

We’re hosting NouveauXmas this month and you can find discounted giftcards and giftboxes from awesome creators on the grid! Check out this post for all the info.

 Moon Amore @ The Gacha Mania

You can never have too many piercings. These septums are only 35L per play @ The Gacha Mania (Dec 15 – Jan 10)!


 NeverWish @ Tales of Fantasy

If you’re an aspiring Khaleesi, then you need these dragon egg necklace to help you take over the grid with “FIYAH AND BLUD!”. Giftable version is also available should you wish to present some dragon eggs to your Khal.


 Midwinter Fair 2014

Nouveaux designers are participating in Midwinter Fair this year. Items are 50% off and gachas are 30L. There are also plenty of gifts under the tree! We also invite you to check out CerberusXing, who is a co-owner of the Nouveaux region. Here are some previews of what you can find:

|CX| Joyeux Noel (Retired)

CerberusXing @ Midwinter Fair


[Soul Mates] Midwinter Fair 2014

Taxi to Soul Mates @ Midwinter Fair