Attention hunters!😀

Remember the Hesi Metal Necklace from TnR hunt?

OXIDE Hesi Metal Necklace

Well, the hunt is now over and the fatpack version is now up on ✿ MP ✿ and 🚖 mainstore 🚖.

If you successfully hunted down both versions during TnR hunt, you will be sent an automatic update when you next log in.

✿ Details
– Unrigged original mesh
– Texture Change HUD
– Copy/Mod/No trans

Grab it now! ^_^


*** OXIDE ***

OXIDE Aisha Anklet Gacha

✿ Anklet Details
– Unrigged
– 16 commons, 1 rare.
– All with texture change beads and pendants/gems.
– Commons: metals to win separately
– RARE: all metals included


Dichotomy // Greedy Hair @ Jackpot Gacha


✿ Hair Details:
– Original Rigged Mesh
– Transfer only
– 10 commons and 4 rares

*** NEVER WISH ***
*NW* Lounger Gacha

✿ Lounger Details
– Sits 2 people; couple poses are mostly PG
– 2 land impact
– Peitho Loungers come with a hud to change the metal texture
– Big Lounger (RARE) comes with a hud to change the base, cushion and all 3 pillows to 8 different colors

✿ About Jackpot Gacha Fair
All gacha machines at the Fair is 30L per play. Each pull of the machines can give you one, two or even three items per play!

✿ The biggest winner is The Jackpot!
On the 26th, all gacha machines at the fair will shut down to the public except for The Jackpot Winner

The lucky winner will have 24 hours to use up 100 free pulls on any machine.

✿ When:
June 18 – 25

🚖 Taxi 🚖


Heraldric Stripes

Heraldric Chevrons

RFL Triskel

Faery Medallion

✿ Banner Details:
– come with a hud for the two metals, 5 colours and 2 furs [in heraldric terms]
– has a UV layout texture for those who want to make their own banner designs

All donations for Relay For Life ❤❤❤

✿ When:
June 17

🚖 Taxi 🚖


OXIDE Kannon Set - Gami Gacha, 3rd June

✿ Gacha Details:
– unrigged
– 15 commons, 3 rares
– 35L per play

OXIDE Kanna Set Gacha Key

✿ Kanna Set includes:
– RARE headdress in gold, silver and onyx
– halo in gold silver and onyx; white part is tintable
– earrings in gold silver and onyx
– necklace in gold silver and onyx
– armlet in gold silver and onyx; both sides included + sized for male and female
– collar in gold silver and onyx; sized for male and female

Aaaaaand there is more!!! Oxide’s special wheel of fortune prize!!!🙌🙌🙌

OXIDE Kannon Lotus Pedestal (Gami Gacha Fortune Prize)

✿ Lotus Pedestal Details:
– Wearable
– click on the pedestal for various poses
– includes texture change HUD to change colors (gold, silver, onyx)

✿ How to Win the Lotus Pedestal:
– Remember to pick the token HUD when you land at Gami Gacha
– Wear this HUD at all times while you’re playing any of the gacha machines at the event. Tokens are awarded randomly!
– Use your tokens to play the Wheel of Fortune and win exclusive prizes from awesome creators!
– Wheel of Fortune cannot be played with normal Lindens.

✿ When:
– June 3

🚖 Taxi 🚖


*NW* Rose Head Band

*NW* Rose Leg Straps

✿ Headband Details:
– unrigged mesh
– copy/mod
– comes with hud for roses, gem band and trim

✿ Leg Strap Details:
– unrigged mesh
– copy/mod
– comes with hud for roses, metal and strap

✿ When:
May 22 – June 15

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Well, you know what they say. Spring has sprung so why not sprung some spring around you?

OXIDE Eostre Set

✿ 50% off at TFC

✿ Hairband/Circlet + Earrings + Collar Details
– Original Mesh with materials
– Copy/Mod/No Trans
– 4 metals + 8 stone settings
– Texture change and resizer HUD

✿ When:
May 22 – June 15

🚖 Taxi 🚖



When Doves Cry is intended as an homage to the late Prince, inspired by his album, Purple Rain. A cascade of Rose Tear cut gems designed to suspend at your forehead, may even work as nicely at the throat, or other places you might want a splash of colour and sparkle.

✿ For 20Twenty, they will be 25% off until the end of the event.

✿ When:
May 20, 9am SLT

🚖 Taxi 🚖