Pixicat & Moon Amore @ C88

Linn.Set - Collabor88

Where: Collabor88 April

When: April 8th – May 6th

Rigged for: 

  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Standard sizes (xs,s,m)

:Moon Amore: Soleil Dress

Where: Collabor88 April

When: April 8th – May 6th


Each pack include 5 sizes, A hud to change:2 top textures, 2 skirt textures and 8 ribbon textures.

Include On/Off Lace, Ribbon laces and flying petals OPTION!!!♥

7 colors packs, all includes white version to mix

  • Green
  • Nude
  • Salmon
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Mint

In addition the pack includes 3 wearable sunflowers (bouquet, single and head accessory)

FATPACK Include all options!

Moon Amore @ C88 & Whimsical

Moon Amore + CURELESS [+] Romanova Outfit

Where and When: Collabor88, Feb 8th – March 6th

A collaboration with CURELESS Store, the Romanova outfit is a dress consist of:

  • 6 colors packs: 2 dresses textures, 4 fur textures, 2 zupper metal texture. With and without fur. )
  • Wear with and without fur.

Romanova Belt:

  • 2 leather colors, 7 star colors, optional rope and knife, 2 metal colors.


  • 6 colors packs (Each pack includes 5 texture options), 4 fur colors, 7 star colors, optional pompoms.


CURELESS [+] Moon Amore : Sour Candy Gacha set

Sour Candy Gacha Set

Where & When: Whimsical Event, Feb 18th

Another collaboration with CURELESS, this time it’s a gacha set!

Available in S, M and L, the vest is wide, so you can wear it on your favorite shirts and dresses!

Compatibility with mesh bodies is experimental, always DEMO before playing!

  • 16 commons, 3 RARES
    • Chokers commons, 4 pairs available.
    • RARE Boys Tears milk comes with texture change HUD! 4 box colors, 4 straw colors!■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Patched Vest comes with texture change HUD! You can mix&match vest and pockets with 15 different textures, customize buttons, spikes and Love stinks back patch! ■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Spiked Vest comes with a HUD that allows you to change the vest in a variety of 4 holographic and white textures, spikes can be changed to gold, acrylic or silver! ■HUD PREVIEW■

Moon Amore + Cureless @ Collabor88!!!

Get this awesome Owlsome Scarf & Owls @ this current round of Collabor88!!!
MoonAmore + Cureless - Owlsome Scarf & Owls



There are 6 regular packs, each one includes the following:

MULTI-TEXTURE HUD ✦ 4 colors for the owl, 5 colors for the owl’s eyes, 4 textures for the scarf within the tone range you’ve chosen.

ANIMATED SCARF ✦ with walking / idle animations – The owl flies by your side when you walk, and it stands with closed wings when you are quiet!

STATIC SCARVES ✦ with two positions: Flying & Standing, low lag and perfect to take pics with ^^

6 AVAILABLE COLORS ✦ Chocolate, Burgundy, Pumpkin, Blue, Coal, Beige.




4 REGULAR PACKS ✦ each pack comes with different colors to choose from: Chocolate, White, Coal & Grey. PREVIEW

ANIMATED PET OWL✦ that toggles between flying/static poses as you walk.

STATIC OWLS ✦ with 8 different poses, for low lag or photography props.

TEXTURE-CHANGE HUD ✦ 5 colors for the owl’s eyes.


SINGLE FEATHER that you can wear anywhere!

Here is your ride!!!

Catch Pixicat at different events this month!

Love Pixicat? I’m pretty sure she loves us too as she released these awesome goodies for us!

♦Pixicat for Collabor88♦

Malignant.Dress @ Collabor88

Malignant Dress availbale at October round of C88 (runs from Oct. 8-Nov. 6 2015)

-Hands are optional/seperate

Maitreya, Slink and Standard sizes available

Collabor88 Taxi

♦Pixicat for Kustom9♦

Cozy.Sweater - Kustom9

Cozy Sweater available at Kustom9 (runs from Oct. 15- Nov. 10 2015)

Available in Slink, Maitreya and Standard sizes

Happy Anniversary Kustom9

Also for this Anniversary round of Kustom 9, Pixicat is giving this cozy sweater in Plum color as a 9L gift to all of us!

Kustom9 Taxi

♦Pixicat for Tag Gacha!♦

All-Seeing @ TAG! Gacha

All Seeing at Tag Gacha!

Grab a HUD here and get going!

Eyes – Animated + HUD to change color.

Available in Maitreya, Slink, xs,s,m