equinox hunt

Oxi for the Jackpot Gacha

Can’t get enough of GACHAAAA? How about gacha and hunt all in one sim??

Yuuup! You heard that right! 😀

Mirage Gacha Set

Mirage Set for The Jackpot Gacha Fair, starting from 16th September @ 12pm SLT.

At 30L per play. 10 commons to win and one rare.

There is no alpha for the Mirage Outfit due to the revealing nature of the outfit. It was made to sit on top of the avi.

This dress will be delivered by a voucher system.

The RARE prize from this machine is a voucher – this voucher is to redeem a pack of the dress for COPY/NO TRANS.

This voucher is NO COPY/TRANS. You can trade and transfer this voucher as long as you don’t redeem it.

Once you redeem a voucher and receive the prize (as COPY/NO TRANS), that voucher will no longer work.

Redeemed vouchers are irreversible.

The voucher contained explicit and clear notice/warning about the fact that clicking the REDEEM button will mean you will receive a COPY/NO TRANS version.


Zahara Earrings - Equinox Hunt Gift

Do we hear a TPPPPP?! 😀