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Soul Mates @ Creators Collection Box

[Soul Mates] Hanami Bento Ad

[Soul Mates] Sakura Set Ad


[Soul Mates] Sakura Zen Coffee Table - Wood Ad

[Soul Mates] Hanabi Set Ad

[Soul Mates] Sakura Sake Dama Ad

Where and When: Creators Collection Box, 20th Feb – 20th March

You can view the fireworks demo instore.

The Sakura Sake Dama is a freebie for CCB’s anniversary. 😀

Soul Mates for the Origami Event

Soul Mates is part of Origami this July, an event of Japanese culture!

Here are what’s in store for you! 🙂

Ippuku Issen Set Ad

Chawan Tea Gacha Ad

Chado Set Ad

Kame-Sukui Rares Ad

Kame-Sukui Commons Ad

What ya waiting for? Taxi!!! 🙂