Moon Amore

Moon Amore + Cureless @ Collabor88!!!

Get this awesome Owlsome Scarf & Owls @ this current round of Collabor88!!!
MoonAmore + Cureless - Owlsome Scarf & Owls



There are 6 regular packs, each one includes the following:

MULTI-TEXTURE HUD ✦ 4 colors for the owl, 5 colors for the owl’s eyes, 4 textures for the scarf within the tone range you’ve chosen.

ANIMATED SCARF ✦ with walking / idle animations – The owl flies by your side when you walk, and it stands with closed wings when you are quiet!

STATIC SCARVES ✦ with two positions: Flying & Standing, low lag and perfect to take pics with ^^

6 AVAILABLE COLORS ✦ Chocolate, Burgundy, Pumpkin, Blue, Coal, Beige.




4 REGULAR PACKS ✦ each pack comes with different colors to choose from: Chocolate, White, Coal & Grey. PREVIEW

ANIMATED PET OWL✦ that toggles between flying/static poses as you walk.

STATIC OWLS ✦ with 8 different poses, for low lag or photography props.

TEXTURE-CHANGE HUD ✦ 5 colors for the owl’s eyes.


SINGLE FEATHER that you can wear anywhere!

Here is your ride!!!


Moon Amore @ We <3 RP!!!

Get this very mystique outfit from Moon Amore at this current round of We ❤ RP!!!!
Moon Amore- Baroque Dress & Masquerade



7 colors (each pack includes a hud with 4 top options -silver and gold studs-, 2 color skirt -white and the main color- 8 ribbon colors and gold,silver metals!

2 masquerade packs, gold and silver!

Here is your LIMO!

Gacha Garden is back!!!

Gacha Garden is back this month and Moon Amore+Dear Deer, NeverWish and OXI are joining with these great goodies!

♦Moon Amore+Dear Deer♦

A kind Of Magic Gacha Sets


*NW* Star Lover Corset Gacha

*NW* Star Lover - SOI


Clutchorama for Gacha Garden

Don’t forget to aim for the SOI (Seed Of Inspiration)! They will only be available this round, and after this event’s round they’re gone for good (unless of course you get them! *winks*)

You can see the Prizes Catalog Here!

And you can TP HERE to Gacha Garden ♥

Good luck and have fun!

Be ready to chant “Hocus Pocus” as Cosette, Evermore, Moon Amore, MYNX, NeverWish and The Horror! join Hocus Pocus!

Try your luck with each vendor by chanting “Hocus Pocus” near them and get the free item that the ghost vendor holds! This runs for 10 days only and gives your luck one chance per day, but if the odds are not in your favor, you can buy the item for 50L$!


♦NeverWish for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Cosette for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Evermore for Hocus Pocus♦

♦The Horror! for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Moon Amore for Hocus Pocus♦


To get the HUD TP HERE or BUY HERE for free! See the PRIZES HERE! and for more info visit

Moon Amore for N21 and Lost and Found Events

Ready for Halloween? Well Moon Amore is! They are releasing these amazing outfits that are very Halloween-ish!

♦Moon Amore at N21♦

:Moon Amore: Morticia -Spider Web Dress

:Moon Amore: Morticia- Spider Web Dress

Info and details:

6 color packs ( Purple -magnificient- Red -blood- Green -Radioactive- Black -Widow- White -Ghost- and Pumpkin -orange)

2 skirt textures in each pack. solid and stripes.

6 top colors.

Fatpack comes with all!

N21 Taxi here!

(The event runs from October 21-November 11, 2015)

♦Moon Amore at Lost and Found♦

:Moon Amore: La viuda - Spider Web Veil

:Moon Amore: La Viuda -Spider Web Veil

Info and details:

2 packs (Black and White)

each pack comes with 6 roses colors.

Lost and Found Taxi here!


The Gathering is Back!!!!

The Gathering, a fantastical gacha, is baaack. And we have our faves at it! :)))

*** Moon Amore ***
:Moon Amore: Ceres Gacha Key

*** The Horror ***
The Horror~ Cyberparts @ The Gathering

*** Soul Mates ***
[Soul Mates] Tang Hua Gacha - Commons

[Soul Mates] Tang Hua Gacha - Rares

*** Oxi ***
Zodiac Staff @ The Gathering

*** NeverWish ***
*NW* Cyber Cincher Gacha

Running October 1 to 14.

Taxi!!! :)))