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Winter at MYNX!!!

Don’t let your avatar freeze this season so get these chic jackets and boots from MYNX that will perfectly give comfort to your AV!!!

♦MYNX Booties♦

{MYNX} Bootie - Tribal Pink

{MYNX} Bootie - Tribal Peach

{MYNX} Bootie - Aztec Brown

{MYNX} Bootie - Aztec Beige

{MYNX} Bootie - Deers

{MYNX} Bootie - Heart Stripes

♦MYNX Padded Tie Jacket♦

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Teal Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Plum Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Pink Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Olive Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Navy Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Sienna Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Biege Ad

{MYNX} Puffy Tie Jacket - Black Ad

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Onesies Season at MYNX!!!

Mynx has recently released these super feisty onesies for all of us to enjoy! These onesies are perfect for the coming Christmas season so don’t forget to grab yours!

{MYNX} Onesie Pajamas Ad

{MYNX} Onesie Pajamas Ad

Grab theme HERE!

Atomic Faery and OXIDE @ 20Twenty!!!

♦Atomic Faery♦

Atomic Faery, a new brand joining our very own Nouveaux Designers has released this very pretty Jeweled Chain Necklace for this round of 20Twenty!
Jeweled Chain


Jeweled Chain

-Chain links set with gemstones for a necklace suitable for pretty much anyone.

-Unrigged mesh, materials enabled.

-Hud for different combinations of textures.

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OXIDE(formerly OXI) is again joining this round of 20Twenty! They are releasing this very colorful necklace called “Emee”! Be sure to grab it while it’s hot!!!

Emee Necklace for 20Twenty


Emee Necklace

– All included!

– Change the inner stone by touch -> menu selection.

– Copy/Mod – Item will say no mod, only because of the script.

– No trans.

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New at MYNX Mainstore and Marketplace!

New at MYNX  Mainstore!!!

{MYNX} Dreamcatcher Earrings - Texture Menu

You TAXI is here!

Texture packs available at MP!!!

LeeLee Graphics - Black and White Texture Pack

LeeLee Graphics - Nauticals Texture Pack

LeeLee Graphics - Hipster Parade Texture Pack

LeeLee Graphics - Multi-Geometrics Texture Pack

LeeLee Graphics - Pastel Tribals Texture Pack

LeeLee Graphics - Brown Neons Texture Pack

LeeLee-Graphics - Preppy Feathers Texture Pack

Clip Art packs also available at MP!!!

LeeLee Graphics - Feathers & Arrows Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Simple Tribal Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Hipster Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Desserts Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Wreaths & Florals Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Nautical Clip Art

LeeLee Graphics - Fall Clip Art

Get them here!

Enjoy shopping!