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The Horror!~ Fighter Scars & Bruises @ Gami Gacha

✿ Exclusive Prize:
To win Gami Gacha exclusives, you must attach the hud provided at Gami Gacha Event Location, play any of the machines and win tokens, then go up to the Gami wheel and play for a random exclusive item!

✿ When:
June 3

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OXIDE Kannon Set - Gami Gacha, 3rd June

✿ Gacha Details:
– unrigged
– 15 commons, 3 rares
– 35L per play

OXIDE Kanna Set Gacha Key

✿ Kanna Set includes:
– RARE headdress in gold, silver and onyx
– halo in gold silver and onyx; white part is tintable
– earrings in gold silver and onyx
– necklace in gold silver and onyx
– armlet in gold silver and onyx; both sides included + sized for male and female
– collar in gold silver and onyx; sized for male and female

Aaaaaand there is more!!! Oxide’s special wheel of fortune prize!!!🙌🙌🙌

OXIDE Kannon Lotus Pedestal (Gami Gacha Fortune Prize)

✿ Lotus Pedestal Details:
– Wearable
– click on the pedestal for various poses
– includes texture change HUD to change colors (gold, silver, onyx)

✿ How to Win the Lotus Pedestal:
– Remember to pick the token HUD when you land at Gami Gacha
– Wear this HUD at all times while you’re playing any of the gacha machines at the event. Tokens are awarded randomly!
– Use your tokens to play the Wheel of Fortune and win exclusive prizes from awesome creators!
– Wheel of Fortune cannot be played with normal Lindens.

✿ When:
– June 3

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Flair For Events introduces its 1st quality hunt for women ONLY in June 2016. AND MYNX IS A PART OF IT with this pink chevron owl watch!!!


✿ Hunt Details:
– Look for the COCONUT 11f7e2_0ba54a402daa4e2ab3aa4b56444f3a3e~mv1.png hidden inside the store.
– HUD based hunt! The HUD has all the information you need to quickly move through the participating stores. Click the numbered button to get the hint in your local chat and a pop-up map showing you where to go.
-Pick up the HUD at the 👉Flair For Events office👈 or join the 👉in-world group👈 to receive it through notices.

✿ When:
June 1 – 18

🚖 Get the HUD to teleport you to the location! 🚖


Sorbet. Kimono en Latex

✿ Gacha Details:
– always win a latex kimono dress + a belt
– all belts can be mixed and matched with all colour dresses
– 2 long, floor-length rares, both of which come with a colour change HUD with every single belt colour included
– have a chance of earning tokens while you play. tokens can be used on the Gami Gacha wheel of fortune where you can win never to be seen again exclusive prizes! 🙌

✿ Exclusive Prize:
Sorbet. Pompom Pierce [Gami Gacha wheel exclusive]
Sorbet has made these adorable bow-adorned pompom earrings for Gami gacha’s wheel of fortune prize!

Each time you pull a gacha, you have a chance of winning a token! You can spend these tokens at the Wheel of Fortune to win exclusive, never to be seen again prizes!

✿ Prize Details:
– includes a HUD so you can choose from 4 pompom and bow colours
– show or hide the bow at the touch of a button

✿ When:
June 3

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✿ Table Details:
– an entry table, where you would normally keep a tray for calling cards and messages
– has space underneath to tuck boots and packages
– has a working drawer

✿ Mirror Details:
– multiple wood options available via hud
– set up so most wood textures with a vertical grain should work with little or no adjustments needed

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RELAY FOR LIFE event!!! So your lindens don’t go to waste. You are helping raise money to help cure cancer! ❤

Inspired by the 67-era, here is what Fae has to offer! 🙂

✿ 60s Music ✿


✿ Search for Peace and Love ✿


✿ Tie-Dye Nails ✿
Tie-Dye Nails

✿ When:
June 1

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*NW* Tentacle Gacha

✿ Gacha Details:
– 10 commons
– 2 rares
– 1 exclusive that will be retired after the event
– no copy/mod/trans

✿ Crown Details:
– comes with a hud to change the trim, metals and gems

✿ Doll Bag Details:
– rare
– comes with a hud to change the doll face, bag color, metals and tentacles

✿ Chair Details:
– rare
– comes with a hud to change the tentacles, metals, and glass
– sits 4 avis
– 12Li
– PG animations

✿ Lamp Details:
– comes with a hud to change the metals and tentacles
– light is on/off on touch

✿ When:
June 3

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Yesssss! You heard that right – SAAAAALLLLEEE!!!!!!

Marketplace - Summer Sale 30%

✿ These Selected items will be marked down with 30% on the marketplace:
– Dreamy Dress
– Delicate Dress
– Flirty Skirt
– Dusk Top
– Tilde Shorts
– Hunter Set

✿ When:
May 27-30

👛👝Marketplace Listing👝👛