the countdown room

NeverWish, The Horror! & OXI @ The Countdown Room!

Discounted til 18th May, so grab it ASAP!

++Teleport to The Countdown Room++

*NW* Black Ball Necklace

*NW* Silver Ball Necklace

The Horror!~Moony Septum @ The Countdown Room

OXI Mia Mini


Oxi, The Horror and NeverWish for The Countdown Room

~ Oxi’s Chouette Necklace
::OXI:: Chouette Necklace - Spring

::OXI:: Chouette Necklace - Metal

~ The Horror’s Humility Septum
The Horror!~ Humility Septum @ The Countdown Room

~ NeverWish’s Virtuous Wing
*NW* Virtuous Wing

TCR runs from April 11-18!

Taxi! 🙂