the fantasy collective


*NW* Rose Head Band

*NW* Rose Leg Straps

✿ Headband Details:
– unrigged mesh
– copy/mod
– comes with hud for roses, gem band and trim

✿ Leg Strap Details:
– unrigged mesh
– copy/mod
– comes with hud for roses, metal and strap

✿ When:
May 22 – June 15

🚖 Taxi 🚖


Well, you know what they say. Spring has sprung so why not sprung some spring around you?

OXIDE Eostre Set

✿ 50% off at TFC

✿ Hairband/Circlet + Earrings + Collar Details
– Original Mesh with materials
– Copy/Mod/No Trans
– 4 metals + 8 stone settings
– Texture change and resizer HUD

✿ When:
May 22 – June 15

🚖 Taxi 🚖

NeverWish and OXIDE at The Fantasy Collective!!!

It’s Fantasy Collective’s birthday this round and so our very own NeverWish and OXIDE are joining the party!


*NW* Dragon Dress


OXIDE Anthea Crown @ The Fantasy Collective


Anthea Crown for The Fantasy Collective

● Crown is mod even when the perm says ‘no mod’ due to script
● The petals are changeable back and front for mixing and matching
● The ‘whiter’ petals are tintable if you prefer to customise further
Purple version is a freebie for TFC’s Anniversary. \o/

PS. There are more gifts in the event from various participating designers! Don’t forget to grab them and enjoy!

The Birthday Party happens HERE!!!