The Horror!

EZ Weaponry + The Horror! @ TFC

EZ Moonbun Axe

Our very own bloodthirsty lass has teamed up with The Forge/EZ Weaponry for this lethally beautiful piece. If you are ever in the mood of hacking someone up in the most kawaii manner, you need this.

++TP to The Fantasy Collective++


The Horror at Black Craft and Suicide Dollz!!!

Miss not these amazing gothic stuffs from The Horror!!!

♦The Horror!~ Flex Garters/Amor Garters at Suicide Dollz♦The Horror!~ Flex Garters/Amor Garters @Suicide Dollz


5 color options available, per garters (Black,White,Pink,Purple, and Blue).

You Limo is Here!!

♦The Horror!~ Penta Septum/ Penta Choker at Black Craft♦

The Horror!~ Penta Septum/ Penta Choker @Black Craft

You Limo is HERE!!

Be ready to chant “Hocus Pocus” as Cosette, Evermore, Moon Amore, MYNX, NeverWish and The Horror! join Hocus Pocus!

Try your luck with each vendor by chanting “Hocus Pocus” near them and get the free item that the ghost vendor holds! This runs for 10 days only and gives your luck one chance per day, but if the odds are not in your favor, you can buy the item for 50L$!


♦NeverWish for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Cosette for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Evermore for Hocus Pocus♦

♦The Horror! for Hocus Pocus♦

♦Moon Amore for Hocus Pocus♦


To get the HUD TP HERE or BUY HERE for free! See the PRIZES HERE! and for more info visit

The Horror! at Seasons Story

Seasons Story is back this month and they are celebrating their 2nd year Anniversary!

Joining this round is The Horror! with these cool stuffs for us!

The Horror!~ Nightmare Tree @ The Season's Story

The Horror! Nightmare Tree

The Horror!~ Batty Septum @ The Seasons Story

The Horror! Batty Septum

Don’t forget to look around and get the gifts from different designers on this anniversary round of TSS.

PS. The Horror! has an adorable gift for us that is perfect for Halloween!

Here is your Taxi!