the nightmare

OXIDE @ Fallen Gods

Get these pretty amazing accessories from OXIDE in different events around the Grid!!!

♦OXIDE @ Fallen Gods♦
Ama Crown V2 for Fallen Gods 9th Anniversary

OXIDE Ama Crown V2

Open your eyes wide to get this beautiful Eani Arm Bands Hunt gift from Oxide from the same event!

OXIDE Eani Armbands
Hint: “Ophiotaurus hatching”

Your Chariot is here



The Horror, Oxi and Never Wish for The Nightmare

Gacha addicts and free huuunts??! Wooot. What more can you ask for? :)))

+++ The Horror +++
The Horror!~ Spoopycakes/ Balboons @ The Nightmare

+++ Oxi +++
Onryo Bag

Dokusatsu Pins

+++ NeverWish +++
*NW*Creepy Corsets

*NW* Bone Chain Necklaces

Taxi’s on us! 🙂