Dichotomy // Temp Hair Gacha

✿ Gacha Key:

✿ When:
November 18 – December 3

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Sorbet. Combo Plastique

Try your luck with Sorbet’s first ever gacha! Weeeeeeh! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

✿ There are 12 commons and 2 rares to win. The vests and skirts come together but everything can be mixed/matched/worn with one another! Plus you can wear some of your own clothes with them too!

✿ The rare dresses have a HUD included with all stickers/colours plus an option to turn the plastic harness on/off as well.

✿ When:
May 18

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Moon Amore @ C88 & Whimsical

Moon Amore + CURELESS [+] Romanova Outfit

Where and When: Collabor88, Feb 8th – March 6th

A collaboration with CURELESS Store, the Romanova outfit is a dress consist of:

  • 6 colors packs: 2 dresses textures, 4 fur textures, 2 zupper metal texture. With and without fur. )
  • Wear with and without fur.

Romanova Belt:

  • 2 leather colors, 7 star colors, optional rope and knife, 2 metal colors.


  • 6 colors packs (Each pack includes 5 texture options), 4 fur colors, 7 star colors, optional pompoms.


CURELESS [+] Moon Amore : Sour Candy Gacha set

Sour Candy Gacha Set

Where & When: Whimsical Event, Feb 18th

Another collaboration with CURELESS, this time it’s a gacha set!

Available in S, M and L, the vest is wide, so you can wear it on your favorite shirts and dresses!

Compatibility with mesh bodies is experimental, always DEMO before playing!

  • 16 commons, 3 RARES
    • Chokers commons, 4 pairs available.
    • RARE Boys Tears milk comes with texture change HUD! 4 box colors, 4 straw colors!■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Patched Vest comes with texture change HUD! You can mix&match vest and pockets with 15 different textures, customize buttons, spikes and Love stinks back patch! ■HUD PREVIEW■
    • RARE Spiked Vest comes with a HUD that allows you to change the vest in a variety of 4 holographic and white textures, spikes can be changed to gold, acrylic or silver! ■HUD PREVIEW■