Designer Application

Note: We apologize but we are currently not accepting skins or tattoos store. 

Pricing Structure

You will need a group slot free to join the land group, in order to have rezzing rights.

Level 1: 10 prims – 30L p/week

Level 2: 30 prims – 55L p/w

Level 3: 50 prims – 100L p/w

You can apply for more prims beyond the 50 prims, if you find your store doing quite well. Please contact and discuss with one of the admins. Our aim is to not let you carry a huge cost while you’re new to an inworld store. 🙂

*Note: You can switch level at any time. You need to pay for the next level before you use use the prim allocations for it.

What You Get

Dedicated and Workspace

No land? Tired of working in a sandbox? Every designer have access to our Workshop to work and create. Or just to go AFK in.

Collaborative Marketing & Publicity

We send out newsletters to our region subscribers every two weeks. It updates them about every Nouveaux designers current activity.


No inworld store

  • Nouveaux is not a satellite location or an event.
  • It is a permanent home for startup designers or any designers needing an inworld presence, and to practice running a business inworld without incurring the financial risks of owning a full-fledge store.
  • If you already have an inworld store and can afford to keep it, we kindly ask that you step aside for those who might need this space.
  • If you insist on joining us, you must give up your inworld location to be fair to other designers. 


WARNING: We have zero tolerance for rippers, infringers and copybotters. We cannot know everything but someone on the grid will always know something. If we find out that you have ripped/infringe/copybotted products during your time with us, you will be sure to get booted without refunds to your prepaid time.

No copyright/IP infringement/rippped/copybotted materials

  • Your textures need to be your own work or sourced from legit sources.
  • No lifting images from Google images, Deviantart and the likes UNLESS it is licensed to say you can. When in doubt, ask.
  • Do not use meshes or models from other 3D sources without proper licenses.
  • Your inworld presence is linked to your MP presence and vice versa. The products you offer on both medium must not contain copyright or IP infringing materials at any time while you are with us.
  • A good rule of thumb: if it already exists officially elsewhere, don’t make it.
  • It is your responsibility to know whether the full-perm mesh templates and textures you bought is legit.  “I didn’t know” or “I wasn’t aware” is a weak defense.

General Rules and Ethics

Items permission

  • Do not offer your items full-perm or Copy/Trans.
  • It must either be Copy/No trans or No Copy/Trans.


Application form here.

We will review your MP to make sure nothing is copybotted, ripped and infringing copyright/IP.

Please allow us one week to get back to you regarding your application status.

If there are no problems with your store, we will send you an invite pack inworld with instructions on how to set up and how and when to pay.

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