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Nouveaux Feb/Wk 5 Bulk Update!

2017 hit us like a truck of bricks and we’ve been behind the updates. Well, we’re catching up now so here’s a bulk update of goodness for you. ♥

Graphic heavy, might take a while to load. Where to get the items are listed in the caption. Happy shopping!

-Pixicat - 3 year anniversary

Pixicat 50% off anniversary sale + Hooodie Cropped Mainstore Release
++TP to Pixicat++

Sassy - The Epiphany

Pixicat “Sassy” @ The Epiphany

SKBIO @ Men Only Monthly

SKBIO Febrero Pose Set @ Men Only Monthly

OXIDE Emilia Colordipped Set

OXIDE Emilia Colordipped Set @ SaNaRae

Eliavah ~ Affections Bag @ Sanarae (Jan26th)

eliavah Affections Bag @ SaNaRae


NeverWish Batbag @ Memento Mori

The Horror!~ @ MEMENTO MORI

The Horror @ Memento Mori

The Horror!~ Tentickle Set @ Hentai Fair

The Horror Tetickle Set, now @ Mainstore 

The Horror!~Spiky & Squishy Collars @ ROMP

The Horror Spiky Collar / Squishy Collar, now @ Mainstore


Soul Mates Foldable Futon – Mainstore
++TP to Soul Mates++

Pixicat @ Dichotomy @ The Epiphany – Ending soon!

The Epiphany Gacha event will end soon, don’t forget to grab these from there!

++TP to Epiphany++

Gacha duplicates can be turned in for Epiphany Points. Epiphany Points are used to redeem for exclusives.


Dichotomy // Nerfed & Chilled Hairs @ Epiphany

Dichotomy Nerfed & Chilled Promo


Dichotomy Nerfed & Chilled Gacha Key


Dichotomy Cheered – Epiphany Exclusive



Pixicat Thorn Promo



Pixicat Thorn Gacha Key


Pixicat Epiphany Exclusive

Pixicat @ C88 + Epiphany

Flirty.Set - Collabor88

C88 is back with a new round, and the theme this time is Holographic.

++TP to C88++

Siren - The Epiphany

And over at Epiphany, you can find the Siren set as a gacha. Rigged for:

  • Standard sizing – XS, S and M
  • Slink (physique/Hourglass)
  • Maitreya

14 commons and 2 rares, play by sizes.

Epiphany also incorporates a point system, whereby you can redeem gacha doubles that you don’t need for points. These points can be used to redeem exclusive items. For more info about the point system, please visit The Epiphany website.

++TP to Epiphany++ 

Moon Amore @ The Epiphany Gacha Event

:Moon Amore: My Literary Favourite Creatures!

Check out these cute creatures! They’re available at a brand new and exciting gacha event: The Epiphany.

The Epiphany is not your normal gacha event. You can exchange your duplicates or unwanted items for credits. These credits can be redeemed for exclusive prizes. Read more about the system here.

You can redeem your points for this cute little guy here! 😀

:Moon Amore: Exclusive Epiphany Item!

So what are you waiting for? TP to Epiphany now!