the arcade


Wohooooo!!! The Arcade is on again and The Horror is at it. PREPPPAAAARE FOR BANKRUPTCY! 😛

The Horror!~ Neon Aesthetic @ The Arcade

✿ When:
December 1 – 31

🚖 LM soooooon 🚖

Catch Moon Amore+Cureless and Pixicat in December 2015’s The Arcade!

Excited for December 2015’s The Arcade? See these stuffs from Moon Amore+Cureless and Pixicat and get your excitement to the top!

♦Moon Amore♦
MoonAmore&CURELESS ♥ Charming Xmas @The Arcade!


MoonAmore+CURELESS ♥ Charming Xmas

15 COMMONS – 2 RARES to collect!

SHOES Are compatible with Slink High Feet (rigged)

RARE Dress comes with texture change HUD! You can mix&match top and skirt with 7 different colors, customize each row of lights and the pearls in the back strap of the dress with 5 colors to choose from. ■HUD PREVIEW■

RARE Tiara comes with a HUD that allows you to change the bow in a variety of 7 tones, angels, stars and base can be changed to gold or silver! ■HUD PREVIEW■

■ Please try a DEMO before playing! Available sizes are XXS-L, they can be fitted to Maitreya, but it’s experimental, so please test it before playing.


 Ballerina - The Arcade



■12 commons, 2 rares

■Animated Ballerinas – Modifiable (Touch ballerina to turn on/off animation)

■Dress: Maitreya + Slink Physique Fitted, xs,s,m; Skirt and body can be worn separately

Here’s a video preview of the Animated Ballerinas:
Ballerina - The Arcade

The Arcade will open its doors on December 1! See you there soon! 

PS. Your limo awaits HERE!!!