Flair For Events introduces its 2nd women only hunt in December! Aaand our Mynx is part of it with its theme: Winter Mood. Woooohoooo!!! ❤

And here is what she got for us:

🎁 When:
– December 3 – 24

🎁 Other Hunt Details:
– HUD-based hunt
– HUD will be available in the following ONCE the hunt STARTS on December 3:
❄ inworld group
❄ Flair For Events Office

Ride to 🚖 FFE office 🚖 to start your hunting! 😀


Flair For Events introduces its 1st quality hunt for women ONLY in June 2016. AND MYNX IS A PART OF IT with this pink chevron owl watch!!!


✿ Hunt Details:
– Look for the COCONUT 11f7e2_0ba54a402daa4e2ab3aa4b56444f3a3e~mv1.png hidden inside the store.
– HUD based hunt! The HUD has all the information you need to quickly move through the participating stores. Click the numbered button to get the hint in your local chat and a pop-up map showing you where to go.
-Pick up the HUD at the 👉Flair For Events office👈 or join the 👉in-world group👈 to receive it through notices.

✿ When:
June 1 – 18

🚖 Get the HUD to teleport you to the location! 🚖

MYNX is joining The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2015!!!

Get these lovely items from MYNX for FREE when you participate in Depraved Nation’s “The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2015”!!! For more information about the hunt CLICK HERE!

HERE is your starting point!

And here is your DIRECT TAXI to MYNX Mainstore!

Goodluck hunting!!!

OXI at TnR Hunt and Fallen Gods

Get these amazing pieces of jewelries from OXI as they participate in TnR Hunt and Fallen Gods!

♦Oxi at TnR Hunt♦

Geometric Leaf Necklace for TnR Hunt

OXI Geometric Leaf Necklace

– Hunt starts October 16 and ends Nov 6th @ Tengoku no Rakuen sim.

Where, when, how here


– Copy and mod – but comes with a handy dandy resizer on the HUD if you need to resize it quickly.

– Unisex – there’s a prefitted male version in the pack.

– HUD to change textures.

TnR Taxi here!

♦Oxi at Fallen Gods♦

Eternity Set - Fallen Gods 8th Anniversary

OXI Eternity Set at Fallen Gods 8th Anniversary

Fallen Gods Taxi!

There is also a hunt going on at Fallen Gods! Get this lovely Lumina earrings as a gift prize from OXI!

Lumina Earrings - Fallen Gods Infinity Hunt

More hunt info here!

Oxi for the Jackpot Gacha

Can’t get enough of GACHAAAA? How about gacha and hunt all in one sim??

Yuuup! You heard that right! 😀

Mirage Gacha Set

Mirage Set for The Jackpot Gacha Fair, starting from 16th September @ 12pm SLT.

At 30L per play. 10 commons to win and one rare.

There is no alpha for the Mirage Outfit due to the revealing nature of the outfit. It was made to sit on top of the avi.

This dress will be delivered by a voucher system.

The RARE prize from this machine is a voucher – this voucher is to redeem a pack of the dress for COPY/NO TRANS.

This voucher is NO COPY/TRANS. You can trade and transfer this voucher as long as you don’t redeem it.

Once you redeem a voucher and receive the prize (as COPY/NO TRANS), that voucher will no longer work.

Redeemed vouchers are irreversible.

The voucher contained explicit and clear notice/warning about the fact that clicking the REDEEM button will mean you will receive a COPY/NO TRANS version.


Zahara Earrings - Equinox Hunt Gift

Do we hear a TPPPPP?! 😀